Short Essay on Happiness

Happiness means a feeling of satisfaction, comfort, and pleasure. This is the fundamental right of man to be happy. The present period of human life has become so complex that men and women look awfully busy in their work. Even the weekends which are meant for physical and mental relaxation are busy.

As life is not a “bed of roses” in present period life has become so mechanical that men and women look worried and tense during their work. Most of the time they are busy day and night in their work and as a result, they become stranger to each other. In the modern world as everyone wishes to become richer than they need to be but they have to pay a high price for it.

Russell in his “Causes of unhappiness” states those factors which are responsible for our unhappiness. These factors are the mixture of psychological, social and economic factors. There are certain causes which can make our life happy if they are consciously and wisely used.

Zest of life is the most important factor. Without zest, our life would be barren and drab. A man who has the zest for life can enjoy the worst situation and adverse circumstances. Russell says in his book that “Loss of zest in the modern age is due to the restriction upon liberty.”

The feeling that one is not loved also can make our life an unhappy and irritable experience. This feeling can make a person sad and melancholic. The solution to this problem is to give love affection to society and receive affection in return.

Furthermore, family values are also essential. A family is the integral part of society in foreign countries we see family disintegration is very common. A man is called a Social Animal so he has to love in the family. Family values and relations ship make our life.

As where the excessive work or mechanical life is the cause of our unhappiness on the other hand excess leisure is also the cause of unhappiness in life. Most rich people feel extreme boredom in their luxurious life. So to make our life happy and worth living one must adopt some work or activity according to his interest.

Moreover, fatigue is the factor of unhappiness in this connection Nerve fatigue is most important which brings unhappiness in our life. The cause of fatigue is unnecessary tension and worries. So ordinary troubles should be avoided which can make our life hell.

Thus happiness is possible in this world. It is up to us how we make our life happy to make our life happy we need balance in life. Moreover, we should have confidence in ourselves that we can create happiness, out of any kind of circumstances and problems, by overcoming our worries. As Mark Twain says that.

Happiness is a Swedish sunset—it is there for all but most of us look the other way and lose it.”

Short Essay on Happiness

Short Essay on Happiness
Short Essay on Happiness

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