Essay on Terrorism

It is very difficult to define terrorism as there are many types and definitions of terrorism. The first definition of terrorism is that when some laws are being imposed upon you by force and because of these laws you may not live freely or may not speak freely. The second type is that you are threatened through weapons. For instance what has happened in the New York, the city of America on 11th September. The third type of terrorism is the “State terrorism” it means you occupied the region of any state by force against the will of its inhabitants.

Let us discuss all these types of terrorism thoroughly.

First of all, I would like to discuss the first type of terrorism. The meaning of this kind of terrorism is that you become ruled by those rules completely which are against your basic human rights. It means that such laws are being imposed upon you that you see the cruelties but you cannot speak anything against or you can do nothing to stop these cruelties and in the case against these cruelties you are tortured and put behind the bars by putting a different kind of blames of you.

The second type of terrorism is that in which you disturb the peaceful atmosphere of any country to kill anyone or you may announce the revolt, against the Government of any country by using weapons. The great example of which is the activities of “Tamil Tiger” in Srilanka.

Moreover, everyone knows what has happened on 11th September in the New York, The city of America. America has to face all these adverse circumstances as he himself has destroyed the interest of other countries and afterward he gave the worst example of state terrorism in Afghanistan by making this incident as a base, Today America, and British are against the interest of Muslim Ummah.

Thirdly, the great and the worst of terrorism are state terrorism. The great examples of which is the problems of Kashmir and Palestine. In Kashmir, India and in Pakistan. Israel has made such a bitter example of terrorism which is unimaginable. The first who type of terrorism is also included in state terrorism automatically. The great cruelty is that when the people of philistines and Kashmir raised their weapon against this cruelty and tried to get rid of it they are said to be terrorist who is, in fact, fighting for freedom.

Now the striking question is how terrorism can be overcome? Especially second type of terrorism can be overcome by understanding and solving the problems of those people. The government should think that what is the reason behind it that one group of people want to separate themselves from a country and what stimulated them to revolt against the government?

The solution of state terrorism is that we should understand and make the difference clear between terrorism and the fight for freedom. All the problems should be solved peacefully and according to the public opinion.

Essay on Terrorism for Class Matric, Intermediate

Essay on Terrorism
Essay on Terrorism

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