Essay on Qualities of a Good Character

A character is the most important part of personality. Every nation country or group admire this quality of personality. Islam also appreciated the good character everywhere. The period of childhood is considered most important and basic in the development of character. As according to the psychologist in this time period the mind of a child is like an empty stat on which you can write anything you want. As adult age is said to be the age of rebelliousness to throughout a man’s life the qualities of his good character will be those which he has learned in childhood.

The basic quality of good character is moderation and that feature seem to dominate in his every action and thought. He knows very well that “The excess of everything is bad”. He takes everything with seriousness. The seriousness develops attractiveness and grace in his personality. He had the ability to differentiate between good and evil. As life basis on moral values.

Another characteristic of good character is that such person always speaks softly with others. He knows very well that a sweet word costs nothing but it leaves a lasting impression on others. He has respect and regard for all and this ability makes his character strong and as a result, he becomes a famous and loveable personality among children, adults and old ones.

The quality of good character is that any good or bad event cannot affect his feelings. As in life, one has to face different kinds of circumstances. These circumstances can be adverse or pleasant. So whereas an excessive pleasure cannot incline him towards agreed or he cannot be tempted by any material benefit, on the other hand, he does not allow any grief or disappointment to overcome him. He is ready to face every kind of circumstances and try to mold himself according to his aims. He does not show any submissiveness in front of heavy odds. He believes that “ Man can be destroyed but not defeated”.

He is determined to achieve his goals and does not hesitate to sacrifice his everything. Thus his personality becomes a bacon of light to others.

Moreover, a person of good character loves everybody. He gives more importance to the human being. He shows that to love and to be loved is man’s most valid claim. So he considers all human beings respectable on humanitarian grounds. He has moral courage. He has the courage to say what is right and what is wrong.

As self-confidence is the first secret of life. It is a great pillar of good character. He has confidence in himself that he can do anything with his determination. We should do justice to strangers, relatives and even with our self. Because of this spirit, he does not how his head before any human being accept Allah.

A person of good character is very reasonable. He has regard for all relationships. He knows his responsibilities as well as his rights.

So to conclude we can say that a personality that is developed on sound bases can make his name and becomes a guide for others.

Essay on Qualities of a Good Character for Class Matric, and Intermediate

Essay on Qualities of a Good Character
Essay on Qualities of a Good Character

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