Essay on Policies Against Muslim Community

Essay on Policies Against Muslim Community

Exterminate all the brutes! Exterminate all the brutes! It seems the American Policy against all Muslims Countries. As we all know that America is a superpower. But Power does not give security rather it make you more insecure. Thus power needs more power ultimately power corrupts man and absolute power corrupts absolutely. America is now absolutely corrupt.

War against terrorism is not warred against terrorists at all, rather it is a war by the terrorist set new standard of terrorism i-e the World’s worst terrorist has just changed its clothes but not its teeth. It is highly diplomatic, systematic and strategic war.

Actually, America wants to hold the economy of the world and in the modern age of technology, oil is a major key to progress. America consumes 45% oil world. It aims to get a hold on the wells of oil in the world. It is the war to accumulate the “Blake Gold”. It is not an ideological war but Mr. Bush of 21st century has coined a mock-ideology only to save his skin. The secret of this mock-ideology of war against terrorism has now been disclosed to the world that perhaps America only wants the hold on the “Black Gold” of the world. Because, President Bush himself, deals in “Black Gold”. He is one of the major traders in the oil business.

We can also see that America not only wants to hold on oil wells of the world but also wants to disintegrate Muslim world for the success of his mission. For this purpose America is going to support “Kurds” to raise them against Iraq, Sudia-Arabia, Turkey and Sham to establish a new country for “Kurds” and to destroy Muslim block to Stabilize Israel.

Greeks believed that man is a rational animal but now it seems that man has never been a rational animal neither he is capable to be rational. As we can see that since historic or primitive times a man is as brutal and as primitive as ever.

According to Bertrand Russel man was facing two sort of difficulties caused by nature to man and difficulties from man to man. He further concludes that the difficulties from nature to man have been controlled now, but the difficulties from man to man have greatly increased. It seems that man is a greedy animal. The last drop will come from Iraq and this is what America is doing.

This issue is proving difficult for America because of the adverse opposition publically and politically within America and in European countries, France, Germany, China and Russia are against the war on the other hand America, Britain and Spain are in the favor of war. Christian church authorities are also against the war.

America even is attacking Iraq without the permission of U.N.O America wants to supersede U.N.O and does not want to give time to weapon inspectors to present their final reports. America has charged Iraq that she is making dangerous missiles. Iraq is demolishing its missiles but America’s object is to occupy the territory of Iraq. She does not want to disarm Iraq. Therefore she is attacking Iraq.

America wants on Iraq would surely result in destruction. It is said that millions of the innocent people will die and the number of other people will turn homeless and suffer from starvation. It will be the greatest tragedy in the 21st century without remedy. May God bless the world.

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