Essay on Our Education System

Essay on Our Education System for Class Matric, and Intermediate

Islam emphasizes on education. Education is necessary for all men and women. Meaning of education cannot be summed up in one sentence. Education means “Acknowledgement” or “Awareness”. Education guides the man towards the particular direction. It means to highlight the potential qualities of man and to make him the honorable and cultured citizen of the country, therefore, he would be able to make his life better.

But unfortunately in these days education is taken to be as a purchasable thing. The majority of the people are of the view that Education cannot be acquired but purchased and only rich people can get it.

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The first drawback of our Education System is that it has been made so much expensive that the children of poor people cannot afford it. For poor masses or our country, the education has become out of their reach.

The main purpose of education is to make students morally strong but ironically in present, we can see that cultured people behave like ignorant men. For instance, it is a better reality that in these days the students have started to injure the superintendent and examiners in the examination Hall.

Our Education system has been made difficult as English syllabus is so complicated and difficult that students are unable to understand it properly and ironically English has been made compulsory.

In our country the people who claimed themselves as the experts of education but whenever they take any step for the betterment of education it failed instead of providing us an advantage. They look towards the education system of the developed country but they neglect the fact that these countries had to work very hard to achieve their present position.

We can also see that in foreign countries that had to work very hard to achieve their present position.

We can also see that in foreign countries the economic burden of education is less. Because their aristocratic class or business class contribute thousands of dollars for the betterment of education from their income but ironically in our social business class considers the education a useless or meaningless thing. Teachers also play a vital role in education system. As it is said by a wise man.

“Teachers are not the kings but they are king-masters”

But we can see that there are many teachers who are unable to justify their duty but still they are in this profession. They neglect their duties.

Moreover, another draw-back of our education system is that art subjects are neglected. No doubt about it that science has done a lot for the progress of mankind but it cannot be denied that art subjects also have its, importance and value but art has been considered useless or unimportant subjects. But in fact, we are still unable to understand the value and importance of both. So the basic fault in our education is that we try to put science and Art at one level and ignore this fact that some aspects of life are influenced by Art and some are by science. So education is the blend of both Science and Art. The need is to give equal importance to both.

To sum up my essay I would like to say that we need such educational system that may help us not only in our economic life but also make our students healthy both in the physical and psychological sense. For this purpose, first of all, we have to determine the purpose of education and what kind of result we want to get through this. But it is our predicament that we are unable to determine what kind of education system we need.

Essay on Our Education System in Pakistan
Essay on Our Education System in Pakistan

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