Essay on Life is not a Bed of Roses

Essay on Life is not a Bed of Roses under 450 Words

It is commonly said that “Life is not a bed of Roses” the meaning of this phrase is that those who think or take life comfortable and full of luxuries without any difficulty really live in fool’s paradise. As in fact, life is full of complexities and struggle. Struggle and hard work are necessary for any kind of real and great success in life.

In life, we have to struggle to achieve higher aims and on the other hand, higher aims require greater struggle. Hard working and determined people always succeed in life. Moreover in the span of life, one has to face ups and downs as there is uncertainty in life to pass through the life we need struggle and determination.

Furthermore, as life is full of difficulties and absurdities and it is a continuous process of struggle against these difficulties. It is said by someone that.

“Life is full of difficulties, meet them, treat them and try to defeat them”

Efforts and determination are also very essential in life. No success is a ripe fruit which drops without in the mouth. Here I would like to quote “Russell” who says in his book “The causes of unhappiness” that there is limitation of efforts the wise man, in Russell’s view does not energies upon such matters which are unattainable or beyond his power, nor should one involve oneself in the achievement of purpose which is bound to collapse his mind and body. So the scope and extent of effort must be within the limits of human power. So life in this context is not so much easy and we can conclude easily that “Life is not a bed of roses”.

We have also golden chances and opportunities in life and ironically sometimes we take it very casually and often we lose these opportunities. We should try to avail these opportunities that we get in life.

Further, we should become aware of our abilities and capacities in order to achieve success in life. If we do not know ourselves then we are unable to make our life better.

To conclude I would like to say that we need struggle, determination, spirit and courage as life requires hard working and efforts from us. Those who sit idle or lazy do not succeed well.

Essay on Life is not a Bed of Roses
Essay on Life is not a Bed of Roses

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