Essay on Internet

The Internet is very important in this mechanical and fast life through the internet we can get the information of our internet from any corner of the world. We can also study different books, latest magazines, and newspaper while sitting at home. It means that internet helps us all the fields of life and guides us according to our intelligence. Besides if we can also talk with our friends and relatives who are far from us. We can also see them through which we feel satisfied. Above all internet is a source of such relations through which we can get every kind of information. Our young generation also seems to get false and useless kind of information which high lights the destructive aspects. In this way, constructive aspect is being neglected.

How it happens. Maybe it happens because our youngsters who have left their mind and does not take correct information from the internet. They choose negative ways. As a result, they not only play havoc with society but they also become the root of evil.

As you all know in our society young girls and boys become the victim of demoralization. So in this way instead of getting advantage from the internet. It becomes a curse.

Thus to conclude I would like to say that internet has become important in the present age. It is up to us how we use it. We can also use it for the welfare of mankind.

Essay onĀ Internet in English for Kids

Essay on Internet
Essay on Internet

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