Essay on Good Manners

Commonly it is said that “The first impression is the last impression”.

The meaning of this phrase is that when you meet a person for the first time. It leaves some influence or impression upon you. This impression is left upon you by me the good and bad manners of his personality. These manners indicate or represent the whole of your personality. As it is not an important thing that what you say, the more important thing is how you say and in what manner you behave.

Now the question is who is a well-mannered person. Firstly a well-mannered person always remains sweet and polite in his talk with others. He uses soft words and always talks in convincing and decent manner. Further, he will not only talk but also you an opportunity to express your own thinking and point of view. He would leave a lasting impression on you through his talk.

A well-behaved person always respects others and gives a greater respect to others emotions and feelings. He does not insult other citizens. He always gives the impression that human being may make mistakes but he believes that mistakes should not be repeated.

The good mannered person believes in the moral values and adapts himself accordingly. He makes real friendship and loves possible. Friendship and feelings of love can be stronger between two people who are well mannered and well behaved.

We see that good mannered person is also a good host. He proves very co-operative for other he tries his best to solve the problems of others. He does not irritate or hurt others. He does not have passion of jealousy and enmity for others. He always learns from his mistakes and his knowledge.

So good mannered person always makes his position among the people. His personality becomes a beacon for others and liked by everyone as good manners tell us that how one’s personality can be developed.

Essay on Good Manners

Essay on Good Manners
Essay on Good Manners

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