Essay on Freedom of Speech

Short Essay on Freedom

Freedom means that you are allowed to do anything according to your will and independence. No one is there to bound you. If we analyze the freedom at the national level then it means that your nation is not ruled by anyone and the people can do everything according to their will and there is no one to make them the victim of cruelties. We should thank our Allah thousand times that we are breathing in the free atmosphere of a free country. Before 1947 we were ruled by British and leading a very miserable life. Our ancestors achieved the freedom at the high cost.

Let us revise those difficulties when we had to face in the achievement of freedom.

Before 1947 Muslims and Hindu were living together in sub-continent. Muslims were like slaves. They were bound. They were not allowed to perform their rituals. For instance, Hindu worship the cows whereas Muslims eat its meet. Muslims were not allowed to eat it and it was a sacred animal for Hindus.

Hindus were the legislators. They made the laws for their personal interest. All the laws were in their favor Although they claimed that there is no Hindus and Muslims all are one nation i-e Hindustani in sub-continent.

Further when the British Government announced the government’s jobs. These jobs were only for Hindus. Muslims had no part in government jobs.

So throughout Hindus created difficulties for Muslims and tried to suppress them and this attitude stimulated the Muslims of Indo-Pak and compelled them to raise the slogans for the separate nation that they cannot live together with Hindus. Thus Muslim leaders fought for freedom and at last with the sacrifice of thousands of lives, they could be able to get a separate land i-e Pakistan.

Essay on Freedom of Speech
Essay on Freedom of Speech

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