Essay on Education of Women

Islam emphasized the education of both men and women. Many essays have been written on the education of women.

It cannot be denied that Muslims of Indo-Pak considered the education of women a sin but our religion gave status to both men and women.

One argument in the favor of this issue is that whether education is good or bad? If education is bad the men should also avoid it and if it is good then why women have been deprived of this good thing.

There are many reasons to educate the women. As life is not smooth or certain. Any mishap may occur to men and women in the course of their life. Especially when an uneducated woman is trapped in economic or financial crises. Then she becomes helpless so if we educate our girls they would be able to face the difficulties of life and the adverse circumstances of their life.

The education of women is also necessary for her further life or matrimonial life. As the whole management of house depends upon the woman. She can perform her duty better as compared to an uneducated woman. She can understand the problems and can find a better solution.

Although every mother loves her children Mother’s lap is the first and best institution for no teacher can be better or soft then mother. Unconsciously mother transfers her own abilities to her children. She can teach her children on the basis of what she knows. So educated women can bring up her children bitterly as compared to uneducated women. So when you train a woman you actually educate the whole family.

Moreover, the education gives the sense of confidence and awareness of their role in society.

So, I would like to conclude the topic saying that the education is essential for both men and women. Women are an integral part of our society and play a vital role in the uplift of the country. They may fulfill their responsibilities bitterly if they are educated “Mao” once stated that.

“Woman hold up half the sky at the same height as by the man.”

In education the women we should keep it in mind that the course of their education should be different from men. As men study is related to their practical life which helps them in their economic and social life. The course of girls education should be different and it should be according to the necessities of their practical matrimonial life and which may help them in their domestic life.

Essay on Education of Women

Essay on Education of Women
Essay on Education of Women

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