Essay on Drugs Addiction

The Drug addiction is a very important issue as well as it’s serious problem. It is threatening to our life. Many articles have been written on this issue. The question is why young generation is prone to drugs and how can we overcome this problem.

In our country, a large number of youngsters have become drug addicted. The common forms are smoking, drinking and cocaine. Firstly I would like to point out the reason in precise why youngsters are prone to this.

First of all our young generation is far from their religion. They have ignored their moral and religious values which resulted in chaos and disorder in society. In order to lessen this suffocation, they start smoking and become a drug-user.

When the reason of smoking has been asked from some young boys they said that they used drugs and smoking to lessen their depression and according to some they smoke because it has become a trend or a fashion in aristocratic class.

Secondly, the people who use drugs are in danger as these drugs are poison drugs are a real and terribly dangerous threat to our lives. If a man once becomes addicted to these drugs then there is no way left behind for him except death. The reason may be the demoralization, helplessness, despair or hopelessness, lack of self-confidence and depression in our generation. Besides, it some youngsters use drugs to get rid of their economic and domestic tensions.

Now the question is how can we overcome this life-threatening problem?

First of all, there is need to develop awareness among our young generation about this poisonous stuff. For this purpose, our law enforcement officers religious leaders, teachers, community activists and the leaders of business can play a vital role. Our weapon to fight with evil is our law criminal Justine system. So we should be determined to enforce the law to make our streets and neighborhood safe the drug dealers should be arrested and punished.

In order to control the drugs, there is a dire need to enlarge our criminal justice system across the borders from where the drugs are brought in Pakistan’s streets and where it is grown and processed.

The second element of our strategy is related to media and mass-communication we should try to spread the anti-drug message through our media. In this connection, we should encourage our media for their exhaustive news and editorial coverage and for their airtime and space for an anti-drug message.

By as playing such system we can control the increasing rate of drugs. Our outrage drugs unite us, brings us together behind this one plan of action, an assault on every front.

Essay on Drugs Addiction

Essay on Drugs Addiction
Essay on Drugs Addiction

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