Essay on Domestic Violence

Essay on Domestic Violence

It is very common phenomenon in our society and all of us face it in our lives in different manner. The types of domestic violence are different in different classes of society, aristocratic class, middle class and lower class. In aristocratic class even to stay something against the will of some is considered domestic violence. In middle class it matters more rather than other two classes, it’s very common and serious in the class, for instance, bite bitting, nagging attitude, physical torture and even to rebuke someone is taken as domestic violence but in fact, lower class is not so much conscious of this. They have to face such attitude in everyday life or in other words they are used in such violence’s so they do not bother it.

The question is why and when domestic violence is created, Domestic violence is created when you try to give an impression to others that you are more authoritative and your suggestions and ideas should be given importance and should be taken as final. In order words, you yourself become the legislator and expect from everyone that they should work under your supervision neglecting their individual rights and interest.

Secondly, if we have some right then we also have some responsibilities. The clash is created when we demand our rights neglecting our responsibilities.

In aristocratic class, adults consider all minor things in the category of domestic violence. For instance when parents enter the room of their children without knocking and if parents ask them where were you last night? Ironically they are not supposed to be asked such questions.

In mediocre sometimes, this violence is created because of lack of confidence and trust on their children from the parents part for instance girls are not allowed to go outside from their house and if they step out of their house then ironically a reprehensible eye chases them. They do not even hesitate to call their chastity and virginity in question.

Sometimes the father or head of the family who is all in the matters become a cause of irritation and violence in the home. Sometimes he tries to impose unnecessary restrictions upon the other members, for instance, if son or daughter is studying, he would always expert that they should study 24 hours. If they watch T.V or indulge themselves in another activity he gets angry and verbally tortures them.

Moreover, we can see that sometime though magnamlent the daughter in law is good. Well behaved and no magnamlent at heart ironically when some wrong is committed by her the mother in law will make a molehill of this and even will not hesitate to say that “you have done nothing for me”sometimes mothers compare their children with others and give the example of others to their children, for instance, she says look what you do and what others do as neighbouring girl you are not as much intelligence as the neighbouring is. So such comparisons create domestic violence and produce a sense of degradation and inferiority complex.

The most common example of domestic violence which exist in all the aristocratic mediocre and lower class that is morality.

Usually when parents try to impose morality on them and try to make them morally conscious. It pinches them and they take it as the restriction on their liberty and consider the meaning of morality “do this, don’t do this” so as morality is something innate and there is a dire need to make them inwardly moral conscious and put this notion in their minds that.

“Morality is within you and morality cannot be taught or imposed by force” Thus I am inclined to say that

“Nothing is good or bad. It is over thinking that makes it so” thus our society cannot progress until we do not think over the matters positively. There is a need to be optimistic and broad-minded and if we will think negative then it would create obstacles between relationship and create domestic violence.

Essay on Domestic Violence
Essay on Domestic Violence

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