Essay on Computer

This is the age of computer, science, and technology. It has changed the total tempo of man’s life. Computers are being used in every field of life. It is being used to forecast the weather to operate the machines and even to guide a spacecraft to the moon. Computers have become a part of our lives.

A computer is actually a source of interaction and knowledge. The computer has brought the world just a “Click” away.

A computer is fed with different kind of programs. Data is fed into it. There are three major parts of the computer, first is Monitor, CPU, and keyboard. A monitor displays all the works of the computer. It is a visual display unit. The CPU reads the program from RAM and carries out the orders given by the user. The keyboard is for typing.

The computer has reduced the burden of work on the human brain. In past, the tasks which were done by many human beings collectively are done by one man with the help of the computer. Computer work at very high speed. We can do millions of calculations in few minutes. The computer gives us accurate information. It hardly makes a mistake.

In computer files, information of all types can be stored. Files are stored at several places. It can be stored on the Hard disk, Floppy Disk, and CD-Rom.

As the world is turning in to global village internet is very important. It types you in touch with the entire world while sitting in a room. You can get any kind of information through the in-depth coverage of newspaper and mass-media making it perfect source for news and weather information internet has brought a great revolution in the business class.

Then webs are the illustrated version of the internet. The NCSA Mosaic was the first web browser.

Now the printers are also proving very used full they help us to print something from the computer on paper. There are different types of printer for instance. Dot matrix, Inkjet printer, and laser printer.

Essay on Computer in English for Kids

Essay on Computer
Essay on Computer

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