Essay on Bad Manners

Whereas the good manners are liked by everyone, on the other hand, bad manners can make our personality worse. No one can enjoy the company of such a person.

An ill-mannered person behaves very strictly or rudely towards other. He does not welcome visitors. He is often proud in his behavior. He gets angry and offended very soon.

He does not talk in soft manners as well as he is not a good listener. He always tries to implement his own opinion and ideas without understanding the others point of view.

Moreover, they cannot fulfill their commitment they even show carelessness in the fulfillment of their responsibilities. As “Swift” states that:

Good manners is the art of making those people easy with whom we converse.”

These people always prefer their rights and neglect their responsibilities.

Moreover, an ill-mannered person can be a good friend. He cannot continue his friendship long. In this way, he creates depression and is discarded among his friends.

Thus we should avoid such bad manners and attitude that can destroy our personality and shatter our image before others. People always try to avoid the company of such persons. Thus as well as good manners leave a lasting impression on others. Our bad manners also leave a bad lasting impression of our personality on others.

Essay on Bad Manners

Essay on Bad Manners
Essay on Bad Manners

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