Essay on Advantages of Science

The modern era is the era of science, technology, and inventions. Science has made life easier and made our lives faster. Science has completely transformed our everyday life, whether it is industry transport, education, fashion or agricultural field. The impossibilities have been achieved through science. It is of course because that man has proved himself a master of his surrounding and crown of creation. Science has given power and confidence to man. Science has done very well for the welfare of humanity.

Firstly, Science has shortened the distances in the field of communication it has brought a remarkable change. Such as the invention of the telephone. That has brought a striking change in the field of businesses. The telephone has brought the merchant class so closed that even two persons sitting in a different corner of the world can talk easily. It has brought a great revolution in the business field, T.V also has a significant importance in this connection. It is useful indoor entertainment, you remain in contact with all the countries of the world at a time. You can get every information about any country of the world through your T.V. set. You can also know what is going to happen in the world.

Secondly, electricity is our daily use of a servant. It provides us many facilities even in these days. It cooks food for us in our kitchens. You just switch on a small button and gets your whole room lighted. Even a paralyzed person. Can enjoy his life while sitting in his room and the important thing is that electricity is cheaper as compared to the advantages that we get from it.

Science has been proving very helpful in curing the fatal diseases as many discoveries have been made in the field of medical Science today, even the hearts can be replaced. As a result death rate has been reduced.

Further, Science has made the travel easier for us. In past, people look much time. They took months and months in order to reach and meet with their relatives. Now the situation has changed. We can travel long Journeys in few hours. It has shortened the distances between countries.

Science has also brought a revolution in the field of sanitary. In past sanitary system was very defective. The drinking water was not pure so it caused many diseases. Now the sanitary system is better than past.

Atom is the greatest discovery of Science. The use of atomic energy in the medical field is providing an excellent results Radium can be used in the destruction of abnormal tissues and Cancer. In surgery atomic energy is proving very effective radiotherapy is an important branch of Medical Science. In Present many diseases are being treated with the help of laser Ray’s.

Similarly, in the field of agriculture, atomic energy is proving to be very helpful. Now crops can modern scientific methods. In the end, I would like to say that it is a very difficult job, to sum up, the advantages of Science in short time.

Essay on Advantages of Science in our daily life

Essay on Advantages of Science
Essay on Advantages of Science

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