Clara Lukasiak

Clara Lukasiak was born in Pennsylvania, the United States on August 17, 2009. Clara Lukasiak is the sister of a well-known dancer, actress, and model Chloe Lukasiak. Clara also appeared in some of the episodes of the Show “Dance Moms” until the family finally decided to leave the show after season 4. Clara was a good dancer just like her sister so she started a career as a dancer just like her sister.

Clara Lukasiak Dancing Career:

Clara started dancing at the age of two and gained a lot of attention. She also played role in an episode of ‘Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn’. Though she is too young, She is already famous on many social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube as well and her accounts are mostly managed by her family members. In her sister’s famous music video performance, ‘Fool Me Once’ by Jess Godwin, Clara alongside her mother Christi made cameo appearances.

Clara Lukasiak Personal:

Clara is very famous because of her cute little dances. However, Clara is particularly loved for her funny talks and behaviors. In all her social media accounts, she is described as the “littlest Lukasiak with one big personality”. Her fans love her personality so much and she is also followed because of her Fashion, along with her older sister. Her sister says that Clara is even more fashionable than she will ever be. Clara often appears as a cute little model, unboxing new clothes from presents. Her fans find that adorable even her sister find those videos Super adorable, Clara has a youtube channel full of videos like these, Her YouTube channel’s name is Clara’s world has reached over 226K subscribers and videos have watched over 16M times.

Quick Summary:

Clara Lukasiak: August 17, 2009

Clara Lukasiak Age: 8 years

Clara Lukasiak Parents: Christi Zook Lukasiak & Marc Lukasiak

Clara Lukasiak
Clara Lukasiak

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