Christi Zook Lukasiak

Christi Zook Lukasiak Biography:

Christi Zook Lukasiak was born on March 3, 1977, In USA, When She was Young She had not so good relationship with her mother. Instead, She was very close to her grandparents, she used to share each and everything with her grandparents. as a child, she loved to dance. She alongside her sister used to spend some time with each other, they used to dance all day long. she did not get proper chances to continue her dancing Career that’s why she wants her daughter to have good shot at it.

Christi Zook Lukasiak Net Worth:

Christi Zook Lukasiak started her career at the off age because when she was young she didn’t get an opportunity. A few years later she got a chance to be a part of a show “Dance Moms”. She alongside her daughter Chloe Lukasiak became a major part of the play They both played a vital role in that Show. They Both Supported each other, She was very close to her Daughter, She Loved her so much. She departed from two shows when there was a fight with Abby and Christi. She took her daughter Chloe to The Studio 19 Dance Complex. They Both attended  Same Old Frenemies Part 1 and 2. After that, she joined Murrieta Dance Project. She was very successful in her career, she owns an apartment in Los Angeles. Christi Zook Lukasiak has estimated net worth of $0.8 million.

Christi Zook Lukasiak: 40 years
Christi Zook Lukasiak Husband: Marc Lukasiak
Christi Zook Lukasiak
Christi Zook Lukasiak

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