Tariq Nasheed Net Worth

Tariq Nasheed Net Worth: Tariq Nasheed is an American media personality, film producer and author who is famous for his documentary movie series Hidden Colors. The first part of the series released in 2011. Tariq Nasheed is better knows as K-Flex, King Flex and Tariq Elite who was born on July 01, 1974, in Detroit, Michigan, United States. He acquires some nice wealth as well according to some resources Tariq Nasheed Net Worth is approximate $2.5 million.

Tariq Nasheed Biography:

Tariq Nasheed grew up in Los Angeles with his siblings. He graduated from Yale University which is situated in New Haven, Connecticut.

Tariq Nasheed Career and Profession:

Tariq Nasheed has proved that he is a successful director as well as an author. Being a writer of enormous books. In Los Angeles where he learned psychology books and human nature from interacting with people from other countries. He made techniques and called “G.I.C.2” in other words (game, intelligence, and common sense, squared). He has taught “G.I.C.2” techniques to men and women on the Los Angeles underground scene. He has published few books on dating and finding women including The Art of Mackin’ (2000), The Mack Within (2005) and The Elite Way (2009).  He has also published two advice books for female readers Play or Be Played: What Every Female Should Know About Men, Dating, and Relationships (2004) and The Art of Gold Digging (2008).

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Tariq Nasheed Net Worth
Tariq Nasheed Net Worth

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