Essay on Unemployment

When people are jobless they are said to be “unemployed”. The problem of unemployed is worldwide and very common. Food and shelter are the man’s basic needs. If we look at the developed countries then it would be clear that they have overcome this problem to the large extent but in Asian countries, unemployment is at its peak until this time.

The main cause of unemployment is rapid growth in population and lack of resources according to the population. Our population is increasing rapidly for many years. A wise man states that “That great thing in this world is not so much where we are but in what direction we are moving”.

The birth rate in our country is very high and the resources are not enough to full fill the requirements of such a large population. People are in search of jobs but jobs are limited so it breeds unemployment.

Secondly, our education system is not suitable or according to our needs. Our young man feels hesitation in manual work. They hate manual labor and spend their youths in daydreaming of getting the desired job. Unfortunately, when they fail to get particular types of job it creates unemployment.

Thirdly, our country is not much advanced in the industrial field. We are unable to take advantage of our young skilled persons. We cannot absorb them in factories or industries.

Thus unemployment breeds frustration discontentment Sin, corruption, and poverty in society. It usually results in chaos and disorder in society. Now the question is how we can overcome this problem? For this purpose Governments of Pakistan should have to give vocational training to the young generation and assist them in getting jobs according to their taste and ability. We should establish more factories and Industries. There is need to provide an opportunity for young talent. Moreover, the country should be industrialized so that it may be able to provide new channels of employment to its inhabitants in agriculture such education system should be implemented that may make our young men conscious and may give them the awareness of the importance of manual work. The population should be controlled. After a long struggle, we can be able to get rid of this problem.

“Short Essay on Unemployment”

Essay on Unemployment
Essay on Unemployment

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