Essay on Our Examination System

No can say that he never gave any examination in life. Our life is also an exam. Human life is said to be an examination in which man does not know what kind of circumstances he would have to face. After appearing in examination he has to face a very interesting fear of its results. It is uncertain what would be asked in the examination.

In our country, the meaning of examination is quite different. Usually, some books are selected and then the questions are asked from these selected books. So, as a result, the majority of students are unaware of the actual purpose of these books. There is also a great number of such students who study only the selected parts of these books. The reason behind it is that some students think that study means only to pass the examination or to get degrees. As a result, such students remain ignorant and deprived of the true meaning of education. Our wrong examination system is responsible for it.

The trend of cheating in the examination is very common and serious problem. So that we can be skeptical of the intelligence and knowledge of those students who have passed the examination. We cannot be sure that they passed the exam without cheating from the book or any other student.

It is also difficult to judge the ability of student by his or her degree or the examination which he has passed because sometimes it happens that one student passed the examination by learning some selected portion of text and another student, unfortunately, failed because by chance he could not study that portion of text.

Another drawback of our examination system is that some students are in the view that “Retaliation is the best qualification for examination”. They do not try to understand the true meaning of their books and even do not bother to act upon it whatever they have read in their books in their practical life. Because they seem to believe that education only means to get degrees and to get an excellent job.

Moreover, the most important thing which is required in students is self-confidence and truth. It is the responsibility of parents, teachers, and society that they should try to establish these two qualities in the students. As a morally good student would not use any illegal ways to pass the examination.

Another drawback of our examination is that two different examiners would not give the same marks to the same student. The reason is that is spite of all the students from the university to all examiners, every examiner has a different mood.

Sometimes when the questions are asked out of syllabus in the examination then even the most intelligent student get confused puzzled. The confusion of students in the examination hall proves to be a first and serious step towards their failure. In a question paper, the question should be of an average type. While making the question paper a paper setter easy, normal or average and difficult questions.

Moreover, such persons should be appointed as superintendent in the examination Hall who may behave politely and decently towards students. Often such superintendent has been seen who behave indecently students and they misuse their power in the examination hall. Even some superintendent become the cause of creating disturbance and irritation in the examination hall.

Essay on Our Examination System

Essay on Our Examination System
Essay on Our Examination System

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