Essay on Nature as a Constructive Power

Essay on Nature as a Constructive Power it means that nature around us serve as a healer, as a companion of our loneliness and solitude. Man is a part of nature. After contemplation of nature, it appears before us both teachers and healer. Moreover, the company on nature gives joy to the human heart. As it is said that.

“Nature gives us double pleasure first when we see any beautiful scene we enjoy it, secondly we enjoy when we recall it.

It means that not only the actual sight of the scene is pleasing but also the very memory of this scene we have been in the past, sooth’s and comfort’s our mind so it has the healing influence on the troubled mind. Nature has also the ability to impress the human mind with quietness and beauty. It gives human being sublime thoughts.

We have found that usually, all the romantics are of the view that nature is constructive. As “Shakespeare” says in his play “As you like it”

“Tongues in trees, books in the running brooks sermons in stones and good in everything”

He further says that nature is an open book if you just read one page of it you do not need to go into any university.

All the romantics were under the influence of nature. Nature had inspired Cowper, Buras Blake, Wordsworth, Shelley, Byron, and Keats. As “words worth” is called “Lover of nature” According to this man ‘to love nature is to love man’. They all take nature not as mere physical loveliness but as a revelation of God.

As true nature cannot teach everybody. In order to learn a lesson from nature, you must have to contact with nature. “Words worth” who is said to be a “Worshipper of nature” believed that in the town life its mechanical minded men had forgotten nature. He is an in the view that between men and nature there is spiritual intercourse.

Nature plays a vital role to remind us about its creator, We are compelled to say that if nature is so much beautiful and full of attraction how his creator will beautiful. As Harvey says:

“Nature is a volume of which God is the author”

Essay on Nature as a Constructive Power

Nature as a constructive power
Nature as a constructive power

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