Essay on My Mother

This topic is very delicate and about most loveable and beautiful relationship in the world, created by God that is “Mother”. God has never created a mother who is not great and respectable. Many books have been written on this topic but here today I would like to express my ideas about this delicate relation.

Essay on My Mother

Mothers are regarded the greatest teacher of all the teachers. Whatever mother says, does or listens it has a great impact on his children. “Men are what their mothers made them”. A mother becomes an example for their offsprings.

It is also a fact that women play a complete vital and authentic role in making life successful. Nations springs up from the lap of their mothers and learn their values. What mother teaches it is more powerful, durable and retentive, that it can never be forgotten throughout the life.

Mother’s love is unlimited. There can be no alternative or replacement of mother’s love in this world. Actually love is nothing or meaningless without sacrifice and no one can be equal to mothers in their sacrifice for their children. That is why if someone may love you truly or sincerely that is definitely your mother. There is no doubt about this that mother is an embodiment of sincerity.

The presence of the mother makes their homes paradise. In the homes where mothers are not being respected becomes like a graveyard. There would be no home without mother. It is also noteworthy that for the better growth of the child, the relationship between the husband and wife should be based on love and respect.

Islam also lays emphasis on the obedience of mothers. Allah gave a great importance and regard to mothers in Qur’an. As Coleridge says that:

   A mother is a mother still,

   The holiest thing alive

He does not permit me to say anything more so here I would like to sum up my speech with these words that the utterance of the word mother gives us spiritual relief. It is the most precious gift from God. God is happy from those who respect their mothers. Those nations always touch the high of progress who respect their parents. As William Ross Wallace rightly says:

   For the hand that rocks the cradle

   Is the hand that rules the world

Essay on My Mother
Essay on My Mother

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