Essay on Flattery

What flattery means? Actually, flattery is exaggerated Praise trails in a person. As every one wishes to be liked and praised by others. According to one point of view, it is like a disease which can make one overconfident and one starts thinking himself the best.

Firstly, a person of cringing nature starts praising himself and he only gives importance to his own self. On the other hand one indulges as in self-love and afterward the flattery of others start affecting him. Usually, a person who flatters others grow popular among others why one becomes a victim of flattery? I think when one wants to become like that which one actually is not and when one wants to see those qualities in oneself which he does not have in reality. In this way, he gives himself to those people who try to realize him that he is the embodiment of goodness. This thing can prove harmful in the sense that it takes one away from reality.

   As Edmund Bukes says that.

   “Flattery corrupts both the receiver and giver”

We can also see this characteristic of flattery quiet common in Asian poets. They often praised their beloved in such an exaggerated manner and raised her to such a high position that it does not seem to us praise but becomes imagination and make his beloved an imaginary figure.

Different kind of people are being flattered differently for instance usually a principal of institution is flattered by his subordinates. A person of cringing nature usually gets advantage from others through his quality. We should keep in mind, that flattery can destroy us. A person who is flattered can never be able to know his worth. He starts living in illusions. When he comes to the bitter reality then it shatters him so we should develop the habit of praising others instead of flattering others. As “Jean Poul Richter” says that.

   “It is easy to flatter; it is harder to praise.

Short Essay on Flattery

essay on flattery
essay on flattery

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