Essay on Disadvantages of Science

The science which has provided much comfort and human life easier is also the cause of men’s sufferings.

First of all, according to one group of people, the main drawback of Science is that it has made life mechanical and fast. The introduction of machinery gave a different tempo to man’s life. The value of art and literature has been greatly affected by science. As modern age is the age of science and man has come under the influence of mechanization with the inventions of machines. It is, in fact, a death-blow on physical labor which resulted in poverty and unemployment.

Atom is although the greatest achievement of Science but it has brought unimaginable destruction when the first atom bomb was dropped on Nagasaki a city of Japan on August 9, 1945. It brought a total destruction. As a consequence dead bodies were spread all around, vegetation and greenery were completely burnt, they city looked like hell, Every place was littered with dead bodies so the horrors of this destruction cannot be described. We say that atom bomb in this context is an open threat to human lives if we use it for the settlement of disputes between countries then the whole of mankind will perish as a result.

Further, adulteration, storage of food, corruption are all the gifts of science. We grow more food but it is stored. That result in poverty and hunger. So to conclude we can say that there are only a few disadvantages of science as compared to its advantages. If science is the cause of human suffering then, on the other hand, it is also the source of human comfort but it is up to us how we use it. We may use it for the constructive or destructive purpose.

Essay on Disadvantages of Science in our daily life

Essay on Disadvantages of Science
Essay on Disadvantages of Science

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