Essay on Co-Education System

It is a debatable question that whether co-education is a good thing or bad. First of all, we have to lock what is meant by co-education. Actually, co-education is the education of girls and boys at one place. According to one group of people, this concept is totally wrong. They support this idea by saying that all the problems of demoralization related to the young girls and boys are because of this co-education. They say that if we look back to the past we can see that that love-affair of “Laila and Majno” started when they study together in a school. This group of people also think that boys and girls feel hesitation while studying together. Even because of their natural hesitation they cannot ask any question.

Another glaring drawback of this system is that during the studies boys cannot concentrate completely on their studies which can take them away from their aim. They would be spent their most of the time to win the hearts of girls.

Some people are in favor of co-education they support their argument by saying that when boys and girls study together then there would be competition among them. This makes their academic record better. The boys can concentrate better in the company of girls and the girls can also concentrate on their studies in the company of boys.

The boys and girls get an opportunity to understand each other. That would help them in their letter married life.

Another advantage of co-education is that it would help girls to behave more confidently and lessen their shyness in the presence of boys.

There is also one argument in the favor of co-education that the main purpose of education is the complete growth of our personality and co-education is necessary for this purpose. It is also said in the favor of co-education that males are the good teachers them females. Now I would like to conclude that we don’t need co-education we have the separate institution for both girls and boys. Then there is no need to put the chastity of girls on a trail.

Essay on Co-Education System

Essay on Co-Education System
Essay on Co-Education System

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