Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertisement

The modern age is said to be the Atomic age but it is also the age of advertisement. The advertisement has become popular in these days. Every individual, political party, institution, country, and the nation is busy in the advertisement. Global once stated that when you start repeating false statement many times then it starts seeming to be true. Without advertisement, we cannot be able to know the range of products available in any field. It helps us in making choice. We choose things which seem to us best according to our requirements. So we can say that advertising is a cornerstone of any free society.

Through advertisement people promote their products, the dozens of newspaper and magazines in Pakistan will reveal that a large number of people are advertisers, T.V commercials and other mass media is playing a vital role in this connection. The advertisement is now adopting new shapes.

In the advertisement, the emphasis is primarily on the communication of ideas, on the message regarding the product that is to be sold. Advertising agencies promote their products in a convincing manner. It is also proving very helpful in business. As it is said by someone that.

“When business is good it pays to advertise when business is bad you have got to advertise.”

They may exaggerate but they seldom lie, using words, pictures, colors, size, movement, position, lights and lots of glamour. Thus in this way it has stabilized business, increased the volume of trade and improved both the general quality of living and the standard of public state. Outdoor, advertising is also popular.

Further, it has also become a common trend in an advertisement that a young beautiful and attractive female model is used in the advertisement. It may have a psychological impact on viewers.

We see that advertising companies usually are in the habit of putting their adds everywhere. In this connection, they put the adds of their movies in a sensational manner where ever they like. They do not even hesitate to put some stupid kind of advertisement on the walls of houses, schools, and shops. Wall chalking is also very popular in this context.

Where on the other hand advertisement have certain disadvantages it has also a lot of advantages? It had become an integral and essential part of modern society. The fact is that it has increased the range of our choice.

Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertisement or T.V commercials

Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertisement
Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertisement

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